R not working at all


This is a very vague topic, but I don't know what's happening! I apologize; I'm not great with computers.

When I open a certain R project I get the error "R encountered a fatal error. The session was terminated". The stop sign is on for no discernable reason. When I click the stop sign it says I need to terminate the session, and when I click okay, it says "null". Then I have to click the x in the corner.

If I open a script directly, not from an R project, then nothing works still, but I don't get those messages. When I enter the command 1+1, there is no arrow or plus sign or stop sign in the console. I attached a picture to show what I mean.

I have tried reinstalling R, R-studio, and restarting the session.

If you have any ideas please let me know! Thank you!

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