R Markdown / Xaringan Knit without preview


Bottom line is I would like to Ctrl+Shift+K without the preview pane opening up on me :slightly_smiling_face:

More detail:

  1. I'm using a Xaringan file.
  2. The CSS is common to a few slides files, so is in a parent folder.
  3. It is sourced in the slides via "../slides.css"
  4. Knitting to html works fine, recognizing the CSS, I can even see the updated version in Moon Reader using Yihui's tip
  5. But the preview pane won't recognize the CSS file, no matter what I do (e.g. playing with the working directory)
  6. As everything is OK, I would just like to Knit without preview.
  7. I know I can Ctrl+2 to go over to the console and then do rmarkdown::render("class1/slide1.Rmd") again and again, but I was wondering whether there is some magic global option to turn off the preview and keep going with my precious Ctrl+Shift+K

In the preview version of RStudio at least, there's an option for "No preview" in the settings menu for an R Markdown document:



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