R Markdown Powerpoint Presentation - How to hide slides?


I am looking for a way to hide some slides in the R Markdown Powerpoint presentation format.

Is this possible to do? I couldn't find anything related in the documentation.


By "hiding some slide", are you talking about having a part of the Rmd in the source code that would not be in the powerpoint presentation ? Or do you want it in the powerpoint presentation but in hidden mode (that powerpoint support).?

For the former, I think you can achieve that using conditional content (for example using asis engine (15.3 Execute content conditionally via the asis engine | R Markdown Cookbook) or child document (16.4 Child documents (*) | R Markdown Cookbook))
For the latter, I am not sure Pandoc support it

I meant hidden mode in powerpoint as I think that this is a useful feature. Of course I can open the presentation afterwards and hide the slides, but a code only approach would be better.

Is there a place to request this feature (Pandoc Github?)

Pandoc repo is here: https://github.com/jgm/pandoc

You can check the Manual, but I don't think this is supported feature. You can ask if this is possible using Pandoc in Pandoc discuss list: https://pandoc.org/help.html

They will tell you to open a FR maybe.

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