R markdown ioslides multiple figure captions not working

Here is my code and I can’t figure out why the captions are not working:

```{r, out.width = "10%",out.height= "10%", fig.cap=c("A","B","C"),fig.show='hold', echo=FALSE}


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Do you need to use fig.show = 'hold' ?

This will create one div with all figures inside, and this only allows 1 caption as it is consider one figure. If you remove this chunk option, you'll get the correct 3 captions.

I tried without the fig.show = ‘hold’ and that actually puts the images one below the other and out of the screen actually. I have also tried removing the <div class="centered”> from the slide. Eventually I had to add the following as a figure heading rather than a caption. Appreciate your help!

heading <- c("----------A----------", "-----------B----------", "----------C--------")
head(heading, row.names = F)
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I don’t think my work around is really elegant enough to mark it as a solution. and hopefully the down master Yihui can help us with this! thanks again; on another note, is there a way I can pull up all three images in line at the top:

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