R markdown file refuse to knit on M1 Mac

I using a M1 Mackbook Pro and my Rstudio has been riddled with issues. The markdown files knitted fine on my windows laptop but refuse to knit on my mac. I removed and reinstalled R multiple times as well as the yaml package. Please help.

Hello @Rizzle ,

your Rmd file gives the same error on my Windows computer.
However when I change the inner " by ' it works on my Windows computer.
And maybe also on your mac.

title: "**Untitled**"
author: "My name"
#date: "`r format(Sys.time(),"%B %d, %Y")`"
date: "`r format(Sys.time(),'%B %d, %Y')`"
output: html_document

ps. in this forum easily reproducible code is appreciated.
A message with code and messages in plain text is more easily handled.

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Thank you for both the guidance and how things work on this forum.