R Markdown Error when Knitting

Able to run code on the console. Put it in RMarkdown and can run each code chunk separately with all working. When click to Knit it to any format; I get errors that it haulted on parts of my code. I can knit the template RMarkdown without issues.

I am very new to this so tried to screen shot.

Grateful for help - I am guessing it has to do with loading packages right/wrong. I just do not understand how I can run each chunk by itself with output but it fails to knit.

Apologize - here is the error

The View() command opens the data viewer panel on the IDE, this action is obviously not possible on a knitted document (HTML in your case) and that is why it fails. Just remove that command from your code chunk

Thank you - that was it and it knitted. I appreciate the added explanation helping me learn the why. - Michelle

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