R markdown error 1

Hello, we're trying to export an HTML file through RMarkdown but running into the attached error. Originally our instance of R and RStudio was installed on a network drive (which caused a lot of issues) but has since been moved over to the local C drive. We're getting the warning above despite checking that packages are being pulled from that C drive. Any thoughts?


It looks like pandoc.exe is not in the location expected in the first line.

I believe you have this issue because you are working from a network drive (prod.corp.hycite.com) which is not mapped to a drive letter.

Pandoc and R Markdown have issues with network drive. You can find several Q&A in here and in the github issue board.

I would advice to map the network drive to a drive letter (like Z://) and at least update all packages + pandoc
This way your paths wouldn't start by \\

Example possibly related this thread (Error when knitting RMarkdown to HTML on a networked drive - #13) or this issue (https://github.com/rstudio/rmarkdown/issues/1268)

Possible help on context in here: 49 R on network drives | The Epidemiologist R Handbook

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