R markdown doesen't produce any output

Hello everybody,
My r-markdoun sudently stopped to work: when I knit a code into any type of document it doesen't produce any output instead of the titel of the document and the presetted code.
No error message is given.
Does anyone know what could be te problem?

can you provide a reproducible example (https://www.tidyverse.org/help/)? Or at least part of your rmd file?

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title: "exercise 3"
output: html_document

knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = TRUE)


x <- c(0:20)
d <- ppois(1:22, 1, sort)       #we use a discrete distribution otherwise we'd                                    have p=0
d_2 <- ppois(1:22, 5.5, sort)

steps <- stepfun(x,d)
steps_2 <- stepfun(x,d_2)

plot(steps, main = "cdf for a Poisson distributed random variable ", col.points = "red")
plot(steps_2, add=TRUE, col.points = "blue")
axis(side=1, 1:20)

m <- dpois(0:20, 1, sort)
m_2 <- dpois(0:20, 5.5, sort)
plot(x, m, type = "l", col="red", main = "pmf for a Poisson distributed random variable", ylab = "f(x)")
plot(x, m_2, type = "l", col="blue", ylab = "f(x)" )

#When lambda increases, the shape of the pmf gets flatter, and the cdf moves right.

random_pois<-rpois(1000, 1)
lines(density(random_pois), adjust = 2, col="red")

random_p<-rpois(1000, 5.5)
hist(random_p, prob=TRUE)
lines(density(random_p), adjust = 2, col="red")

#When m increases, the shape of the cdf and pmf get more similar to the one's in the case of Normal distribution. Infact, when m takes large values, the Poisson distribution aproximates the Gaussian distribution.

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