R markdown chunk will not run

Hello All,

If I try to run an R chunk within my R markdown, nothing happens as shown in the picture. I get either the red square or a clock sign in the top right corner of the chunk. It does the same thing even if I try multiple methods of running it, as well as if I change the content of the R chunk. I downloaded r and r studio onto a different computer and tried the same thing and that worked, so than I cleared out the question of whether I was doing something wrong. Than I tried restarting my computer, reinstalling R and R studio (obviously I then reinstalled the packages as well), but that didn't fix the problem. I tried that a few times, and it still didn't work. I have R 4.3.0 and RStudio/2023.03.0 installed. Does anyone have any ideas what I could do different or do to fix this problem?

Thank you

The setup chunk doesn't display anything either when the document renders or when rendering is done individually. Because it just sets options in the environment.

Try the next chunk on line 18 of a new document.

Thanks for the response. I tried your suggestion, and that didn't work either. Do you have any other suggestions?

See how it's done with a chunk in this demo file

Does it make sense that it seams that there is a software issue and that it is not an organization or rchunk formatting issue? I have started creating my Rmarkdown documents on my coworker's computer because I can't on my own, which makes me think that it has nothing to do with the way I am creating my code. I think it maybe has something to do with an undeleted file in the background that is messing the current software's operations, but I don't know how to find those types of files. Do you have any suggestions for helping me with that, or am I totally misunderstanding what you were suggesting earlier?

What happens when you create a New File | RMarkdown document | pdf? If that doesn't work, it's a definite setup problem. If it does, it's a problem with the syntax of your file.

It does not make a difference if I try on a new RMarkdown document. What do I do to fix it if it is a setup problem?

I was unclear. A new document comes with some example text and chunk. That one should run even if the document you are having trouble with does not. Is that what you tried.

Yes, I tried that as well.

try the knit button; does it error ? If so what error is thrown ?

What is weird is that the knit button works fine. The rchunk processes perfectly into an Rmarkdown document, but I cannot process an Rchunk within the rmd. script.

It could be some integration issue with the particular version of Rstudio you are using ; you said 2023.03.0 ?
I'm using 2023.03.1 without issues, and there are more recent ones you could try also

So I spent the last hour deleting r, rtools, and rstudio, as well as going into the background and manually deleting all remaining related files, following the instructions from the link below.
How to uninstall R and RStudio with all packages, settings and everything else? - Stack Overflow
I then reinstalled r, rtools, and rstudio 2023.03.1.

My rchunks will still not process within the rmd. script.

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