R Markdown Bibliography Error 83

Hey community,
it sounds very silly but I'm just failing to get the bibliography running in R Markdown =(
I just created a sample file:

title: "test"
author: "author"
date: "6/25/2020"
  word_document: default
  pdf_document: default
    df_print: paged
link-citations: yes
bibliography: test.bib

# Einleitung

nocite: '@*'

# References

I always get the Error:

Error running filter pandoc-citeproc: Could not find executable pandoc-citeproc Error: pandoc document conversion failed with error 83

My test.bib file is in the same direction and consists of the following code:

  title = {Exhumation by debris flows in the 2013 Colorado Front Range storm},
  author = { S.W. Anderson and S.P. Anderson and R.S Anderson}

Can you help me?

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