R machine learning

I am not understand to much about machine learning , and now i'd like to learn about it, beacuse i have use R for ploting(it makes me feel R is a great tool) , i want to use R as my machine learning language. So i am hoping someone could recommed some books or learning path for me for learning ML in R. from basic konwledge to advance is all ok, thank you !

My first book was R For Dummies. R For Dummies by De Vries, Andrie; Meys, Joris: Good (2015) | Read&Dream

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For ML, Posit/RStudio has been developing the tidymodels family of packages which aims to have a single workflow for all model types. So that could be a good place to start.

In particular, they have a book that should correspond to what you're looking for. There is also a lot of resources on the tidymodels website, but it's independent articles, not as a single, well-organized, book.

Another book of interest may be HOML, which I think focuses more on the ML concepts, less on the tools (they also use tidymodels but not only).

Thank you very much for your answer, I am going to learn it .

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