R knitr report with multiple pages

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In short, is not considered OK to just dump a link to other help site.

To echo the cross-posting comment above. However, I see this was posted to Stack Overflow a couple of weeks ago, but with no response.

It might help to better understand the ultimate goal, as this feels a bit like you've outlined a goal constrained by the technical path you've gone down, but that your underlying goal may be approached by an entirely different and simpler way.

I would approach this with a simple R Markdown page break. Or if you really wanted to start with two distinct PDF files and then combine then, I'd rely on the R package pdftools and pdf_combine.
Any issues with those approaches?

Thank you for the reply.
My ultimate goal is to create a function where I can pass the following
a. what needs to be printed on 1st page i.e. title, author, date etc.
b. list of R objects (can be dataframe or plots) along with their title/footers etc that needs to be printed on
separate pages after the 1st page.
As you can see, I need to print only 1 pdf/word file with all the R objects printed on separate pages along with the usual 1st page (not multiple pdfs/word documents).

May be there is some simple solution to achieve this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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