R installation issues on Ubuntu

Hi Everyone,
PLEASE, I'm Begging...
So I downloaded the R 3.2.1 packages. I think I installed the Ubuntu server properly, and I can't seem to download Debian properly. Even using the sudo command, it makes me give my key password, and I enter it correctly, and it tells me command not found after entering the password wrong 3 times. I will be at our peaceful grace to help me. I'll send a zoom link or what ever up load screenshots, but I really need someone to Zoom with me.. Why is this so difficult?

Hello, and thanks for posting! Would you mind describing what you are specifically trying to accomplish in more detail? It sounds like something related to installing R and R packages? If you could share the specific commands you are executing and the error messages you are getting, that will be very helpful in our attempts to assist!

You also might try searching on the internet for guides / tutorials for accomplishing the task you are attempting to accomplish. Installing and configuring software can be tricky, though, and especially on a new system. Hang in there!

I used Every command on Both the Debian and Ubuntu here: https://www.rstudio.com/products/rstudio/download-server/
Also, I downloaded the 3.2.1 packages from here and used any command I could find. But they have a whole installation process in which several people are saying I should not have to go through with this as it isn't tha tdifficult. Download and use and I am not able to do any of that.

On which operating system and version are your?

MacOS Mojave. Plus, I see a hyperlink button here, but no file upload to share a screenshot. But, may you be at all open to a ScreenShare session sometime if I can't figure this out. I'v einstalled Python and C# with no issues in the Terminal. But R is not working correctly.

If your are in Mac OS why are you trying instructions for Ubuntu and Debian systems?

RStudio server is not officially supported on Mac Os systems, why you don't use desktop version instead ?
Anyways, if you still want to try installing server version here is a blog post about installing it on OS X that could be a starting point for you.


Because the sever side download said that is the prerequisites said to download tha tfirst.

I don't understand what you mean

Again rstudio server version is not supported on Mac Os systems, so Installation is not straightforward. Check the blog post I share with you before.

Ok, I'll read that post. But, I'm confused as I thought using the server version is on Desktop etc. Using the desktop version would be fine with me as I'm not sure the difference but if that is easier for Mac I'll do it. I thought downloading the Mac packages 3.2.1 would give me the desktop version etc.

I think you are confusing R with RStudio, maybe you should read this

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Thank you. I appreciate your feedback. I downlaoded RStudio, but it will not open. And I figured I needed R packages to run it, but I just don't know. I am not confusing R and RStudio I assure you that.

When I open RStudio on my Desktop this is the message I get. "Unable to locate R binary by scanning standard locations"

Have you downloaded and installed R from here?

To be clear, I sent that same link in previous messages, so Yes, I thought I did. It says the 3.2.4 package here. I have that fur sure. Is there something else on this page I'm suppose to download?

OMG, I think I may have got it... I downloaded 3.3.2, and needed 3.3.3. Looks like it's working I'll let you know and thank a ton for helping if so.

It is working, thank you for helping. It was my mistake.

Actually it would be better at the long term if you install the latest version of R (3.5.2). You could experience problems installing packages in the future with an older versions of R.

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