R IDE returns a blank screen


I have been running the script which works perfectly and the global variables are saved perfectly.
The problem occurs when the session is signed out and the project is reopened in the new session, R IDE returns a blank screen.

Tried with the following solutions?

  1. Pressed ctrl while opening the Rstudio and selected the required R version while changed the rendering option as "Software".
  2. uninstalled and reinstalled R studio.

But the problem remains the same.

Please note that, when I tried with smaller size project this problem did not happen. However, the project which I am facing an issue is actually have used memory of ~17Gb of data. Could this be a problem? Any suggestions?

Yes. Try revising the program, dividing if necessary, to minimize the number of objects in memory at any given time; for example, rm() intermediate objects once no longer needed or first serialize to an Rds object until needed. And, of course, make sure that you have at least 18 GB RAM available.

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Thanks for the reply @technocrat
I will try your recommendation.
Something I forgot to mention in my post was, I am executing the script in the server, hence got sufficient amount of RAM.

Thank you.

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