R for Survey data analysis

hi I am using R for analyzing large data with 8000+ observations. The project is a randomized controlled trial of which only baseline evaluation has happened. It would be great if I can get to know some useful packages for doing it.

You might find the chapter of this textbook helpful:


This I have already read. Is there any specific packages and all to ensure the data quality and cleaning of a large survey dataset?

In the past I have used the dataReporter (formerly known as dataMaid) package. That might be helpful to you.

This is not specifically aimed at survey data but LITTLEMISSDATA has an excelent review of various EDA packages that you may find useful. Simple EDA

I also am a great believer in plot, plot, plot.

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Check out srvyr and survey packages.

Also a shameless plug for a short course I taught on this topic with materials hosted here: GitHub - szimmer/tidy-survey-aapor-2021: Tidy Survey Analysis in R using the srvyr Package: AAPOR 2021 Short Course

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Thanks for these resources.

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