R for production

Hello everyone,

I am putting together a presentation about R packages that can be used in a data production working environment. I know of some packages that can be used like this (dplyr, tydr) but I wanted to ask everyone here what are some R packages that you have used to help with data production (creating estimates, or reports on a regular basis).


I think you should narrow down the scope of your question, there are countless scenarios where R can be used in production, ergo, there are countless packages that can be used, so unless you want to mention the complete CRAN repository, it would be better if you describe an specific use case.

Hi andresrcs,

Here are some example of use cases. Importing, transposing, loops, exporting in different excel/csv files, merging/joining tables, control statements (if/then), export to word doc.

I will list more once I get off work.



That sounds like general data wrangling so you would be OK with the tidyverse family of packages.
If you have a more specific scenario you might need more specialized packages.

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