R file suddenly became blank and 0kb when reopening it

I updated my R version to 4.2 last week. After that, I was not able to open code that was previously written. I googled it and solved the problem by setting the encoding to UTF-8. Everything was fine afterwards.

However, something horrible happened today. I wrote two new R scripts using R version 4.2 after this update. Today, when I open my computer and tried to continue to work on these two scripts. They became empty and 0kb - the changing encoding won't work too. I tried to open them with notepad and other text editors - empty too.

All scripts that I wrote with R 4.1.2 can still be opened. Just those two files written with 4.2 become empty...I am nearly desperate now as they are super important for me work and I may need to re-do everything again. Does anyone have any idea about what happened and how to resolve it?

Are you using an old RStudio version? This was an issue with R 4.2 and old RStudio versions but it was solved since version 2022.02.3

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