R Error message “Error in open.connection(con, ”rb“) : HTTP error 404

I am using the package parlitools in R. This basically downloads UK election data so you can plot on a Map. I have a lot of code that does not now work as it can't download the data. The error message I get is "Error in open.connection(con, "rb") : HTTP error 404".

Does anyone know why I am now getting this error message. I am using the same computer as before. Alternatively, could someone try downloading the data in R to see if it is my internet connection or another issue potentially?

The following packages are used.
library(leaflet) library(sf) library(htmlwidgets) library(dplyr) library(parlitools) library(ggplot2)

This section of code should download the data needed with no error messages.

`west_hex_map <- parlitools::west_hex_map

party_col <- parlitools::party_colour

mps <- mps_on_date("2019-12-13")

mps_colours <- left_join(mps, party_col, by = "party_id")

#Join to current MP data

west_hex_map <- left_join(west_hex_map, mps_colours, by = "gss_code")

Thanks for reading, James.

I have tried on RStudio Cloud and it works normally so I would say that it actually is your internet connection, maybe a firewall or proxy server is restricting your access.

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