R Community Enhancement?

Hi everyone. Love this community.

Question: while I like to see all of the posts here, I am really only focused on a subset currently.

Is there a way to restrict what I see to a specific category? For example, I am not yet learning Shiny, so I’d like to not see Shiny related posts - as I tend to get distracted by them since I am anxious to learn Shiny but just can’t at the moment!


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You can filter by categories and tags

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Thanks @andresrcs. I should have realized that. Also, I have the https://forum.posit.co/ page bookmarked so I can replace that bookmark with the R Studio IDE landing page, i.e., https://forum.posit.co/c/rstudio-ide/9 (assuming I want to limit posts to that category.) This is exactly what I was wanting to do. Thanks again for all your patience and support in this community.

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