R code to run Oauth 2 "authentication server" ?

I've been working with httr2, Oauth 2 with various REST APIs. Works !

However, the actual dance of authentication, issuing access tokens, etc. under the hood still eludes me.

Any chance there exist "toy" servers written in R, run locally, where developers can tinker and understand the server side of oauth?

There are many "playgrounds" for oauth, but I want to understand more of what the server's code.


Hi @jimrothstein,

you will mostly find the client side implementation in R. A good client side resource to follow the dance are:

You can find the technical documentation here RFC 6749 - The OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework.

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Thx. so for server side authentication/authorization pieces of Oauth, no R implementations/tools.
fyi, Oauth 2.1 is coming.

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Honestly, i doubt that anyone will do the server part in R. The R community always glued other better suited languages for specific parts (fortran/c for optimization, js for frontends like shiny, c++ for computationally intensive task ...).
If you look closely at httr/httr2 it is a wrapper of curl (R package) which is a wrapper for the curl c library - so technically the big chunk of the network communication is done via c.

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