R-CMD-check/ubuntu-20.04 fails (missing rcmdcheck)

The other 3 elements of the test matrix work fine, but ubuntu-20.04 fails, not finding rcmdcheck. My yaml is quite old, so I'm wondering whether something needs to be updated. I noticed somewhere that there is now a v2 for setup-r, so I switched from v1 to v2 without any better results.

I have an installation of rcmdcheck in an Install dependencies block, which I thought would help. However, github action syntax eludes me, so I am basically stuck in copy-paste land.

Another package of mine, oce, has the same R-CMD-check.yaml (with the older v1) and it works. Of course, lots of things are different between the packages, so I'm not sure whether this is a clue.

In case it's allowed here, below is a link to the failing action report:

I used usethis::https://github.com/dankelley/ocedata/actions to update my yaml, and the new checks work. I don't think there is any merit in trying to figure out why my years-old yaml failed.

I don't know how to close a topic here, but if I did, I'd do it...

If you are already copying workflows, I suggest you do it from the official place: actions/examples at v2-branch · r-lib/actions · GitHub

FWIW the ones you copied are outdated, and the new ones (see GitHub - r-lib/actions: GitHub Actions for the R community) are much better.

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