R CMD check regex note

Hi! I am working on a package in which a function I am creating uses regex() from base R. When I submit devtools::check() I see a note that

no visible global function definition for 'regex'


Undefined global functions or variables:

Do I need to declare regex() as an import somehow? How do I resolve this?

Thank you for any assistance!

There is no regex() function in base. There is one, however in stringr, maybe that's the one you are using?

❯ base::regex
Error: object 'regex' not found

❯ getAnywhere("regex")
no object named ‘regex’ was found

❯ stringr::regex
function (pattern, ignore_case = FALSE, multiline = FALSE, comments = FALSE,
    dotall = FALSE, ...)
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Thank you for the response, Gabor! This is confusing me.

When I execute


I see this

and the page looks like this:

Here is a link containing the same information:


but I also agree with your base::regex() not found.

Any further insights would be appreciated!

Manual pages do not always correspond to single functions. Sometimes they do not correspond to functions at all, but they just document a topic. There is a manual page called regex but no function with that name, at least not in base R.

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Oh, wow! 🤦 I completely missed that, thank you!

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