R-CMD-CHECK GitHub badge not updating status


We currently have the following R-CMD-CHECK workflow for one of our packages

All checks have passed in the last update on our dev branch (which also triggers the workflow), however our check badge is not updating its status on the README

We have no idea why this is happening, so we'd appreciate any guidance you might be able to offer. Thanks in advance.


From the GitHub Actions interface, at the top right if you click on the three dots you can "Create status badge". The menu that appears lets you choose for which branch you want the badge. By choosing "dev" I get:


Which is green. :vertical_traffic_light:

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Thanks @maelle for such a quick response! So is this only triggered automatically if it's on master/main? Is there a way (address structure) to allow the badge to be updated from any check run?

This badge will be updated from any check run on the dev branch if I followed correctly. :slightly_smiling_face:

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