R-CMD-check False Error Building Vignette on Mac

I'm getting an error for MacOS on R-CMD-check.yaml for my R package MultiscaleDTM. It says that it is failing to render the Rmd vignette file because the "hash table is full." This appears to be a false alarm however since CRAN accepted the package and I had someone else install the package on Mac and they had no issues with installation or viewing the vignette. Does anyone know what edits to make so that this passes. At one point, I tried adding lines to to add Xquartz since I figured it may be related to this issue about plotting on Macs, but it didn't solve it (though perhaps I didn't add the lines in the right spot). Does anyone know how to get this to pass on github actions?

This does not seem to be an issue with GitHub Actions, you get the same on CRAN: CRAN Package Check Results for Package MultiscaleDTM

It also does not seem like that it has to do much with XQuartz.

Thank you @Gabor. Do you have any ideas on what to do? CRAN didn't seem to mind it and I had a Mac user install it and they had no problems. Perhaps they have "arm64" though which there doesn't seem to be an issue with according to the page you sent.

I don't have any specific advice, I don't know these packages and this error. You can try to debug it on a mac, or on GitHUb Actions, if you want.

Thanks. Oddly enough one specific subplots in a faceted plot that was causing the issue. If I plot them one at a time and then use a different plotting package for the last one and arrange them into a grid using cowplot I can avoid the error. It's less uniform and not aligned perfectly but now it passes R-CMD-check.

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