R Cloud project stuck on Opening Project

I have stuck in loading my project that i'have been working for couple of days for now, it's under the link https://rstudio.cloud/project/288364. I really need help.

Sorry that you are having issue loading projects. We are having some intermittent project loading issues right now. I just checked on the project and it looks like it's healthy and running - are you still having issues or did it eventually load?


Yeah, it's still stuck. Can I at least retrieve back code somehow ? Is it possible ?


I am also having this issue with my project: https://rstudio.cloud/project/259990

It's pretty urgent - if you could send me my code or help me in some way I would be very grateful!

Also, I'm able to open other projects, just not this one!


I look at look your project, but I didn't notice any errors. Can you describe the problem you are seeing?


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