R - Bigquery: Failed to connect to www.googleapis.com port 443: Bad Access

Hi Everyone,

I'm triying to upload into Google Big Query using bigrquery package in R. At the moment I can upload a dataframe into BigQuery successfully running the script in RStudio (without any problem), but the problem is when I calling this script from Excel, the script is stop and then close.

Please see the script below:


  # Set ID and dataset 
  project_id <- 'FR'
  dataset_name <- 'table_1'
#AH21 <- dataframe
  # Upload data into BigQuery
  codifications_upload = bq_table(project = project_id, dataset = dataset_name, table = 'Entry_data')
  bq_table_upload(x = codifications_upload, values = AHS21,create_disposition='CREATE_NEVER', write_disposition='WRITE_APPEND')

#AHS21 is a dataframe that i try to upload

But when I call this script by excel it dosen't work, the error that appers is the following:

Error in curl::curl:fetch_memory(url,handle=handle):
Failed to connect to www.googleapis.com port 443: Bad access
Calls_ bq_table_upload ... request_fetch -> request_fetch.write_memory -> <Anonymous>

Many thanks in advance

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