R beginner trying to create exploratory graphs and interpret ANOVA

A few questions here:

  1. ​I am trying to do a bar graph in R studio +/- 1 standard error. The data has 3 categories, one with very small values the other 2 with large values so cannot be plotted as a normal bar graph (as the bar with small values can't be seen), it also some 0 values so I don't think it can be log transformed. I was thinking trying to break the y axis (all the small values are less than 0.01 and large values are over 20), but I have no idea how to do this, or feel free to suggest a better way (doesn't have to be a bar graph)

  2. When I am trying to create the graph below, when I return, it returns the next line with a "+" rather than executing the code (below), even trying to add brackets and things return still gives the plus sign.

ggplot(et.data.fccd,aes(x=experimental.control, y=ln.duration.mean))+geom_jitter(data=FemaleChoice_CopulationDuration,aes(x=experimental.control,y=(ln.duration.mean),width=0.05,alpha=0.1,cex=0.5,col="gray50")+geom_errorbar(limits_fccd,width=0.1)+geom_point(cex=2,col="red")+theme_classic()+xlab("Experiental control")
3) I think I managed to do anova, and got these results:

                     Df     Sum Sq     Mean Sq    F value   Pr(>F) 
experimental.control 1      0.006      0.00553     0.036      0.85

Does this mean the p value is 0.85 so obviously not significant? I am confused what the Pr(>F) means

I have spent ages trying to do this, I have a decent knowledge of statistics (I study biology) but I don't know what I am doing in R and I am used to using excel.

Very sorry for the long post and so many questions, any help at all is really appreciated but please try to keep it simple because I really have no idea what I am doing :woozy_face:

Could you possibly make up a mock dataframe of your data so we could test this out (using reprex)?

If you don't know how to say and I'll try and show you how to. Would love to try and help you on this as I'm still new to R and want to see if I could help someone else with what I've learned so far (lol).

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