R API call (azure ML)

Hi R com.

i am trying to call an rest API, the model is running a forecast. Seems to be running fine, but i would like the call to include more then one value. lets say i want a forecast from a period of 1 month and



# Accept SSL certificates issued by public Certificate Authorities
options(RCurlOptions = list(cainfo = system.file("CurlSSL", "cacert.pem", package = "RCurl"), ssl.verifypeer = FALSE))

h = basicTextGatherer()
hdr = basicHeaderGatherer()

# Request data goes here
# The example below assumes JSON formatting which may be updated
# depending on the format your endpoint expects.
# More information can be found here:
# https://docs.microsoft.com/azure/machine-learning/how-to-deploy-advanced-entry-script
req = fromJSON('{
  "data": [
      "WeekStarting": "1992-10-15",
      "Store": 2,
      "Brand": "dominicks",
      "Advert": 1,
      "Price": 10,
      "Age60": 0.3,
      "COLLEGE": 0.0,
      "INCOME": 0.0,
      "Hincome150": 0.0,
      "Large HH": 0.0,
      "Minorities": 0.0,
      "WorkingWoman": 0.0,
      "SSTRDIST": 0.0,
      "SSTRVOL": 0.0,
      "CPDIST5": 0.0,
      "CPWVOL5": 0.0
  "quantiles": [

body = enc2utf8(toJSON(req))
api_key = "xxx" # Replace this with the API key for the web service
authz_hdr = paste('Bearer', api_key, sep=' ')


# The azureml-model-deployment header will force the request to go to a specific deployment.
# Remove this header to have the request observe the endpoint traffic rules
  url = "http://3f0a0dcf-2098-4b16-8782-0be174eaf138.westeurope.azurecontainer.io/score",
  httpheader=c('Content-Type' = "application/json", 'Authorization' = authz_hdr),
  writefunction = h$update,
  headerfunction = hdr$update,
  verbose = TRUE

headers = hdr$value()
httpStatus = headers["status"]
if (httpStatus >= 400)
  print(paste("The request failed with status code:", httpStatus, sep=" "))
  # Print the headers - they include the request ID and the timestamp, which are useful for debugging the failure

result = h$value()

[1] "\"{\\\"forecast\\\": [19428.415097965728], \\\"prediction_interval\\\": [\\\"[-18099.20901976846, 56956.03921569991]\\\"], \\\"index\\\": [{\\\"WeekStarting\\\": 719107200000, \\\"Store\\\": 2, \\\"Brand\\\": \\\"dominicks\\\"}]}\""

The above is forecast for 1 week (freq = 1 week). How do i get a list or iterate this so i get 1 month + ?

I think the question is specific to AzureML and you are less likely to find joy here. The question presupposes the reader is familiar with AzureML which is not the case.

If it is possible, the API would be the best place to find it and no amount of R gymnastics can solve the problem if the request is not supported by the API

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