R and RStudio Communication Resources List

I'd like to assemble a list of communication resources used for the R and RStudio communities, including the purpose of each resource. I'd also like to identify those currently in use and those that were previously used in the past.

So far, I found the following:

  • RStudio Community: Intended as a friendly place for discussions.
  • RStudio Support: Intended for commercial customers, but a community version is included.
  • GitHub: Intended for issues and feature requests for specific packages.
  • Stack Overflow: Intended for precise and clearly defined questions.
  • R Source Mirror: The source control repository for the R language.

This post was inspired by the blog post announcing RStudio Community, Tidyverse help page, and this post about the function head(). @hadley explained his process to answer a question about the head() method in which he searched through an old S book, searched the GitHub mirror of the R sources, and emailed someone who might know the answer. I was fascinated by the knowledge and thought process to find the answer. Understanding the resources that exist can be extremely valuable.