R and R Studio on Mojave

Hi, is R studio and R fully compatible with the new macOS mojave update? Are there any problems?

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Thus far, we've had one problem relating to locales for users in non-English regions, but that should now be fixed in the latest daily builds and we hope to promote that to the preview release soon, and later backport that patch to the v1.1 release as well.

I updated and no longer see the git tab in my projects. I have "Environment", "History", and "Connections", but that's it. I can still commit and push changes to github using the github desktop app, but it would be nice to get the git tab back in RStudio. Has anybody else had this issue?

EDIT: I'm running Mojave and the RStudio daily build that is currently (10/18/2018) available.

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This occurs because macOS typically removes existing command line tools after an OS upgrade -- this includes programs like git. Try running the following in the terminal:

sudo xcode-select --install

That took care of the issue. Thank you.

After I updated, the undo does not work any more.

Thank You Kevin. After a lot of ggogling, you saved me.

I am getting the same error for all R Studio installs on my Mojave 10.14.5 Mac as follows:

Warning in install.packages :
package ‘http://tidyverse.tidyverse.org’ is not available (for R version 3.6.0)

I'm running R 3.6.0 [R.app GUI 1.70 (7657) x86_64-apple-darwin15.6.0] and R Studio 1.2.335.

I've downloaded xcode and opened it to confirm that command line was included. I restarted everything, but am still getting the error. I can install from the binary OS X code, but when there are a lot of dependencies, that's prohibitively time-consuming.

Grateful for any suggestions!

You've specified the package incorrectly:

Thank you very much!