R-Admin Office Hours Topic: Package Management - Aug 22 2018 9:00 AM Eastern Time

Solutions Engineering Office Hours Topic:

Package Management

Wed, Aug 22, 9:00-10:00 AM Eastern

For this week's office hours, the solutions engineering team would love to focus questions on challenges with package management.

Managing your R-libraries well is important because dependencies are so essential to R development. R has a fast-moving community and many extremely valuable packages to make your work more effective and efficient.
Despite the upsides of a vibrant package ecosystem, R programmers are familiar with the pain that can come with the many (very useful) packages that change, break, and are deprecated over time. Good dependency management ensures your project can be recomputed again in another time or another place.

From Package Management for Reproducible R Code by Cole Arendt

Package management questions might be on the topic of:

  • installing packages in an offline environment
  • package management in RStudio Server (Open Source or Pro)
  • building a CRAN-like repository or administering RStudio Package Manager
  • installing system dependencies for R packages
  • installing packages on RStudio Connect
  • administering internal packages for an organization

Or perhaps something else entirely! Feel free to ask whatever questions you have about package management!

How to get involved?

We look forward to the conversation!