R 4.0.0 changes

i have encounter a problem after migrating 3.6.3 to 4.0.0 in pipe operator, during data manipulation, the prvious r codes gets error message it says ''there is no split_chain function for %<>% operator, do you have a hint to fix a problem.
data%<>%filter() %<>select()

Could you please post an example with an actual data set so that we can reproduce the error? Even a built-in data set like iris or mtcars would be fine.

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thats not valid syntax anywhere. but you may have typod if typing freely into here.
that said, I would personally dislike to see code like this, with 3 objects connected by two - two way pipes.

if you want data to be reduced by both filter and select it would always be more natural to do
data %<>% filter() %>% select()

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