R 3.6.0 and the package cache

Hi Everyone!

We are currently working on a fix for an issue where R 3.6.0 install.packages() requests are not making use of the package cache provided for rstudio.cloud. It appears that with R 3.6.0 there was a change to the user-agent used when making these requests (see the commit here).

In the meantime, if you choose to use R 3.6.0, the package cache will unfortunately not be used which will lead to your packages being compiled from source, and will likely result in out-of-memory issues for larger package compilations. We apologize for the inconvenience, and will report back here as soon as a fix is in place!

For those wondering how to change R versions, please note the version number in the upper right hand corner. Right clicking will opening a dropdown menu where the version information can be selected:


We just rolled out a change to set the user agent explicitly:

options("HTTPUserAgent" = paste0("rstudio.cloud R (", paste(getRversion(), R.version$platform, R.version$arch, R.version$os), ")"))

This should be widely available in the next 30 minutes or so.

It will take a bit of time to fill the package cache, so there may still be the occasional package build failure due to running out of memory for packages.

Thanks for bearing with us.


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