Quick way to crash RStudio?

I'm not sure this is a "bug" per se, but a way in which a user, particularly a new user, can crash RStudio.

To replicate:

  1. Get a clean project (so you don't loose anything!)
  2. Create a new R Notebook
  3. Add an incomplete chunk option to the first code chunk:
```{r, fig.cap=}
  1. Carry on working. Ignore error about missing argument if you try to preview notebook.
  2. Observe a crash! Might have to try running a line of code in a different code chunk.

The error on previewing is good but if you miss seeing it at the top of the editor pane and try to run a different chunk ... it all goes south.


Yikes! Nice catch and a huge thanks for providing a reproducible example -- I can indeed confirm that attempting to execute a chunk that contains an incomplete chunk header causes an RStudio crash (usually on the second attempt to execute the chunk, at least in my case).

We'll try to get this fixed up soon!

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@atiretoo We've got a preview up this morning, 1.1.379, that contains a fix for this issue. Give it a try if you have time and let us know if addresses the problem for you!


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At least in my case, it is solving the problem.

I did not work neither with DropBox nor with Git when having this problem.

Thanks again,

Sorry, I've been busy all week running a workshop. I can confirm that 1.1.383 fixes the problem. Thanks!

And wow ... I've been delaying changing to 1.1 because it confuses students to switch in the middle of the semester, but looks interesting!