Questions on products needed to set up an environment for a small team

Looking to set up an R environment for development & publishing / sharing code / documents / shiny dashboards / etc. that would be supported by my company IT team.

Was wondering someone could help me understand what softwares would be needed.

Does RStudio Connect include the Rstudio IDE, or would we want to get Rstudio server as well?

Are there any good guidelines on hardware requirements? We would have maybe 15-20 analysts developing reports/analyses, and another 50 viewing them. Data file sizes used in analyses could vary from very tiny to multiple gig sized files with 10-20M rows.

Hi @djf

For an enterprise your size, Connect seems to be much more expensive than Server (of course it does everything you're looking for). They have a lightweight Cloud service for academic use that has some of the features, but a hard cap of 1GB on all packages and data.

Check with their sales folk, but I'm pretty sure the IDE is web based.

Sale can also tell you about single-server hardware requirements, but they do offer a $10K/year option for multi-node setup. There's also a 5K/year package server to keep all the packages up-to-date. One would hope that includes version conflicts checks. If it does, it could save a FTE!

If you find yourself between single-server and distributed processing, consider an AWS EC2 instance. They have sizes big enough to run air traffic control systems!

Don't forget github enterprise server for backup/versioning/collaborate coding.

Good luck!

Thanks for the reply. I don't think cloud solutions are an option for us due to dealing with sensitive private health information.

I would recommend getting in touch with us at -- these forums are primarily for bug reports and feature requests related to the RStudio IDE, and I'm sure someone on the sales team would be happy to discuss how RStudio might fit best within your organization.

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