Question: SNA - gcor function error!!


I'm working with some networks for SNA. I have 12 matrices and work with them. Now I want to give out their correlation with gcor. But their length is not similar and so it does'nt work.

  • Error in if (dim(temp2)[2] > dim(temp1)[2]) temp1 <- add.isolates(temp1, :
    argument is of length zero
    When I try to work with the if- command it also doesn't work.
  • Error in if (dim(Netzwerk1Friends)[2] > dim(Netzwerk2Eltern)[2]) Netzwerk2Eltern <- add.isolates(Netzwerk2Eltern, : argument is of length zero

Do somebody know how to fit it?
I'm thankful for every hint!


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