Question re 'doMC' package

I have been using the parallel processing library doMC with the requisite registerDoMC(cores=3) a lot lately.

However I have found that after running through my calculations my computer acts a little squirrelly. It freezes and slows down dramatically. I have used HTOP to monitor the processors and they seem to jump up and down even when my R script is finished. I believe that it may be R or RStudio since I have seen those processes jump.

Is there a command that can turn off the doMC registerDoMC(cores=3) combination? Has anyone else seen these types of symptoms when using doMC?

After contacting the doMC package author, Rich Calaway, I found;

when you’re done with your parallel stuff, registerDoSEQ() will bring you back to sequential operation.
Rich Calaway
Microsoft SQL Data Services

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