Question about Submitting a Poster at the rstudio::conf Austin Conference

Sorry if this is in the wrong category.
Can I submit a poster for presentation at the upcoming R conference?
This year, the Colorado State demography Office posted its Colorado Demographics Dashboard ( This tool is a shiny app that provides users with information on multiple data topics and the ability to download multiple outputs (data, tables, plots and a customized report). I would like the opportunity to demo this application and discuss the development cycle.

I could also submit a session if that is more appropriate.


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What R conference are you referring to? There are numerous conferences focused on R each year and it is nearly impossible to help you find the submission requirements without knowing which conference you are interested in submitting it to.

Sorry, I was referring to the rstudio::conf Austin Conference upcoming this January.

You mean this, right?

You might want to edit your title (click the little pencil icon next to the title when you scroll to the top of the page) to say "rstudio::conf Austin", so everybody's on the same page.

Thanks, but this doesn't answer my question.
I need to present something in order to attend. I would like information about presenting a poster demonstrating our shiny application. Who do I contact about this?

It absolutely doesn’t. I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to your question. I made the suggestion in the hopes that better keywords will increase the chance that your question attracts the attention of somebody who does know.

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A request/call for abstracts/proposals hasn't gone out yet (to my knowledge). When one does go out, it will have all the requisite contact information.

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Thanks @mara,
Any idea when a call for proposals will go out? Hopefully, before the deadline for early registration.


A call for papers will be announced at the end of August on this blog and on social media. Please subscribe to updates on posit::conf(2024) - Posit to make sure you see it. Selected speakers will be announced in October.