Question about Rstudio and Rstudio server conflict

Hi all,

I am really sorry if this question might seem really basic or silly, but I could not find a clear answer to that.
I have recently installed Rstudio Server on a workstation running ubuntu (20.04), and all seems to go pretty smooth and well (first time trying the Rstudio server, and I am totally amazed).

As said, it is not a server, but a machine running ubuntu. At times, I would like to physically work at the machine (Rstudio), at times I would like to remotely work on the machine (Rstudio server). I was wondering, does an installation of Rstudio alongside an already running Rserver creates some sort of conflict?? Should I prefer a solution like environments (i.e. conda)?? Never actually tried to connect to the server from the same machine the server is running on, and I suppose this should be avoided (or even not possible at all).

Any best-practice advice in this setup?


There is no problem at all with opening a session on the server itself, just open a browser and connect to localhost:8787, you simply don't see this quite often because dedicated servers are usually headless but there is nothing wrong with it.

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