Question about R cli tools in nix environments 🤔

Hi all!

So, recently I've really liked the new crayon colors and structure added to the tidyverse startup message, which piqued my interest about cli stuff in R. I was looking around this morning and came across the cli package, which looks amazing! This also got me thinking :thinking:

I like python libraries like cookiecutter and have seen some r-flavored uses of the package, but wouldn't it be wonderful to have a reproducibility workflow in R that also worked either with .Rproj files to create directory structures or using a cli tool in your directory that would initialize git, an .Rproj file, directories, a README with file tree, etc? A way to distil tidyverse in a oneliner when starting new projects? I would love to just run some kind of workflow package (flowr? with a hex stick of ocean currents; ok, getting way ahead of myself) to have a robust skeleton of a project that cuts down on some of that startup work and helps keep me committed to committing my code changes and structuring my work output.

Are there any example of an R library that is designed to work at the command line as opposed to the R console? I've found only this software carpentry example for little clis--anyone know of examples of packages that work outside of R console?

This seems like something fun to work on, but I imagine that something like this would also need to be installed locally via apt, apt-get, port, or brew as well, right? Does this sound like a cool idea or is there already something like this I'm not aware of?

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Kinda late in the day, but I think the tools to do what you want are in the usethis package. Probably lots of pipefitting involved, but in combination with bash programming, pretty extensive in the sorts of things on your list.