Question about MolaR (R package) to calculate the DNE

Hello. My name is J. Jang.
Recently, I tried to calculate the DNE on the tooth' surface using R 4.0.4 version.
However, I could not calculate it with an error, so I am writing this topic.
I used the molaR package, and the downloaded example tooth image was used from morphosource (
The file format is a standard ply file (ASCII).
I used this followed code.


When typing DNE function (DNE()), the error pop up.

I thought I need a different file to indicate the dimension.
So I used Auto3dgm program, and create these files.

  • aligned (pseudo)landmarks (.fcsv files)
  • aligned meshes (.ply files)
  • rotation (.csv and .h5 files)
  • scale info (.csv and .h5 files)
  • registered landmarks in original subject space (OSS) (.fcsv files)

I tried to operate the DNE function again with the original ply file and these files, but the same error is provoked.
I do not know how to operate the DNE function... Please help me :frowning:

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