Question about Admin vs Moderator control over projects.

I am an admin in AVC_Instructors space in assigned to one of my github address.
Let's call that owner AVCDRK to explain what happened.
I am also a moderator in that space, associated with my college email address. As a moderator I am called "william kitto". This may also be relevant - the same "william kitto" is also listed as a contributor.

"william kitto" is an admin in a space called CRN73585 and a moderator in my colleague's space called CRN73585 . So now that you understand the arrangement of the spaces involved, let me go on with what just happened.

I had created an assignment in AVC_Instructors as its admin called covid_19. This morning I logged in as the moderator "william kitto" and clicked on covid_19. Theoretically I should have been given my own copy --- (dont think that happened-maybe being moderator had somthing to do with it). Anyway I then selected to move the project to CRN73585. Now the project is nowhere to be found!!

Where did it go ????

In paragraph 2 it should say "william kitto" a moderator in my colleague's space called CRN73591

and in paragraph 3 I tried to move the project to CRN73591

so bottom line as a moderator I click on an assignment after assignment opens I go back to view all projects and opt to move the project to another space where I am also a moderator. Then the project completely disappears !!

I resolved it. If a moderator clicks on an assignment he does not get his own copy of it! He has total control of it!! If he wants his own copy he must make a copy of it. When the moderator moved it it was stilled owned by the original owner AVCDRK even though AVCDRK had no access to the space where it was resident.

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Sorry for the confusion here but happy you discovered the differences between Role privileges.

I suspect for people with experience as an Contributor or Viewer before gaining Moderator privileges, the ability to edit all projects can be a surprise.

For folks in future, this is covered under Roles in the guide.

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