Querying RStudio's Editor Font Preference via the rstudioapi

Is there a way to query the value of the Editor Font preference (Tools > Global Options > Appearance > Editor Font) via the rstudioapi? More precisely, I'd like to know whether the user has chosen a monospace font, and if not, my package would display a message suggesting the use of such a font. (So if there is a way to also get the list of monospace fonts, that would be great!)

I've searched through the docs and some of the source code on GitHub, but so far I haven't found anything to work with. I was hoping to find a list of all preferences that can be queried by the api functions, but I wonder if it exists...?

Of course, if there is a way to temporarily set the font to be used in the console, that would be even better.

The idea here is to get something like this :

│  ▄ █▄      │
│  █ ███▄    │
│ ▄██████    │
│ ████████▄█ │

As opposed to something like this:

│ ▄ █▄ │
│ █ ███▄ │
│ ▄██████ │
│ ████████▄█ │

Thx! :slight_smile:

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