Query regarding marking solution


As far as I knew up to yesterday, a thread can have only one marked solution.

But I can see that it's not the case for the following thread:

Here, both post 4 and post 8 are marked as chosen solutions, though immediately under the original question, only post 4 is mentioned.

My question is whether this is an update to allow for the fact in many cases, there can be more than one solutions, or this is just a bug for this particular thread.


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This is a good question. I actually got 5 notifications from that thread that one of my posts was marked as the solution and wasn't sure what was going on. Maybe the OP marked that many and somehow the inner workings ended up allowing 2?

I've had this experience of multiple notifications. But then only the final selection remained. That's why I was surprised and asked this question.

Though quite old (more than two years), and hence possibly outdated, but this thread suggests Discourse doesn't support multiple answers:

If a separate plugin (or whatever be the proper terminology) is applied on our community, that'll be great.

I've seen that for many of the threads, there are more than one excellent answers (quite different approaches), but the OP had to choose one of them just because there's no option to select more than one. Also, sometimes people tend to ask related questions later in the thread, and someone else but the person who answered the original question provides the answer for that and OP selects that post, the original solution marking is overridden and that's pretty unfair (in my opinion, at least) for him/her.

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Yeah, this is my first time using the community and like aosmith mentioned he gave answers to multiple questions so I tried to click them all. I then realized I could only choose one, and that kind of sucks because multiple questions were answered.

You are not supposed to make different questions in the same topic, if you have a different enough question, then you should open a new topic just to keep things tidy, this is different than having more than one valid solution to the same question.

Okay, I apologize. As I previously stated,this was my first time on here and I did not know that. I feel like it would be better to keep a couple responses rather than to have to start over with an addition to the first question every time.

Within reason, follow up questions are allowed if they are closely related but the idea is not to turn your topic into a support chat, having well defined questions and answers make your topic useful not just for you but for other people facing similar problems.


To follow up on this a bit more since it was raised in an FAQ discussion thread…

I believe it's a bug for that topic. The Solved plugin which is providing the solution-marking ability is supposed to allow only a single solution to be marked.

The person who started the topic can change their choice as many times as they want. Marking a different reply as the solution un-marks the previously chosen reply. The notifications go out whenever a solution is marked, so if the OP tried marking more than one, you'll get more than one notification. Discourse can be rather chatty with notifications :disappointed:.

It's OK not to know how things work when you're new! You might try poking around on our FAQ page, and in the FAQs category to get a handle on how we do things around here. And please always feel free to post here in meta if you have a question about how this site operates :grin:.

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