.quartoignore file not honored

Dear fellow Quartonians,

In my quarto project directory I have a subdirectory named tabula-rasa which contains all sorts of quarto and Python and ipynb files from experiments and tests that I would like to ignore when running quarto on my files. I created a .quartoignore file using .gitignore style in the root directory.

Unfortunately this file seems to be ignored when I invoke quarto render or quarto preview. I tried different variants, but I fail to understand what I am doing wrong.

This is the content of the .quartoignore file:



these are the files in the root directory:

base) py4ds on  master [?] via 📐 v4.3.2 ❯ ls -l 
drwxr-xr-x   - romor001 28 Feb 18:22 _manuscript
.rw-r--r-- 238 romor001 28 Feb 18:38 _quarto.yml
drwxr-xr-x   - romor001 28 Feb 19:21 build
drwxr-xr-x   - romor001 16 Feb 13:15 images
.rw-r--r-- 290 romor001 28 Feb 18:22 index.qmd
.rw-r--r-- 417 romor001 28 Feb 17:59 references.bib
drwxr-xr-x   - romor001 28 Feb 19:21 tabula-rasa

running quarto render index.qml yields this output:

  to: html
  output-file: /Users/romor001/src/py4ds/index.html
  standalone: true
  section-divs: true
  html-math-method: mathjax
  wrap: none
  default-image-extension: png
  toc: true
  document-css: false
  link-citations: true
  date-format: long
  lang: en
    article: index.qmd
      - notebook: tabula-rasa/modulhandbuch.qmd
      - notebook: tabula-rasa/py_010_Was-ist-Python.qmd
      - notebook: tabula-rasa/py_070_Python_F-Strings.qmd
    mecaFile: index-meca.zip
    back: true
  theme: cosmo
  title-block-style: manuscript
  lightbox: auto
    hypothesis: true
  title: Python for Data Science
    - name: Rolf Morgenstern
      affiliation: FH Südwestfalen - FB Agrarwirtschaft
      roles: writing
      corresponding: true
    - references.bib
  google-scholar: true
  toc-location: left
  clear-hidden-classes: none
  remove-hidden: all
  unroll-markdown-cells: true
Rendering notebook previews
[1/3] modulhandbuch.qmd
[2/3] py_010_Was-ist-Python.qmd
[3/3] py_070_Python_F-Strings.qmd
Output created: build/index.html

Not ignoring the files in the tabula-rasa directory. But why?
Any hints and tipps welcome.

You added some files as Manuscript Notebooks explicitly, so I believe they will be picked up and rendered. If you remove one, does it still renders ?

Hi, thanks for looking at this.

In the meantime I read up about Quarto projects and project profiles. I found this way of defining which directories shall be ignored in the _quarto file, and this works for me. So I abandoned the .quartoignore method.

type: manuscript
output-dir: build
- "*.qmd"
- "!tabula-rasa/"

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