Quarto Word Templates apply different style to table section

I am creating a report in quarto that is rendered to docx. I have created an APA-compliant reference document and stored it in the project folder following these official instructions. When I render the document to docx, the default style is applied to all parts of my document. However, for my Table section I want to apply another style from my custom-reference-doc.docx. Is this possible with Quarto?

title: "Report"
    reference-doc: custom-reference-doc.docx
editor: visual
  echo: false
  toc: true
  toc-depth: 2

Apply the standard style to this piece of text.

Apply the style "No spacing" to everything down below:

Only way to apply custom style is following the Pandoc syntax: Pandoc - Pandoc User’s Guide

You should be able to create a custom style for your table, and apply to the doc part.

If it does not work, you can open an issue in Quarto repo and provide a reproducible example

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