Quarto with user input

I want to publicly post a Quarto html as you would normally do in RPubs. But I want that the user is able to enter 2 parameters and click "generate" to update the Quarto document that uses those parameters as inputs.

The Quarto doc is static, it will only use those parameters as inputs and then create the report. There is no playing around with the parameters to change plots, etc as you would expect in a Shiny app.

I would like to use shinyapps.io if possible.

As a user I would like to go to a website, input two parameters and then visualize the report in the web explorer.

Can you please point me somewhere or provide a short explanation on how to achieve this?

Check the flexdashboard package at R Markdown Format for Flexible Dashboards • flexdashboard.

You can build a shiny app take input and generate the html and pass in input.
By using iframe tags you can also generate and view the html in Shiny app itself.

Below post could be useful

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