Quarto website not rendering dark theme when deployed to netlify

Hi all,

I have a quarto website that loads the dark theme without any issues when rendered locally but fails to render on netlify.
I have attached images for both a locally rendered website and a preview from netflify.

My options in _quarto.yml file are as follows :

    theme:  [solar,custom.scss]

Although when I tweak these option as below, I get the dark theme to render on netflify although with the light theme flashing when I load the page initially.

      dark: [solar,custom.scss]

What may I be missing to enforce the dark theme was the default and only theme?

Would it be possible to provide the complete _quarto.yml file for us to take a look at? Generally, I would expect the theme to have both a light and dark option like:


Is that not working as you'd expect?

I believe the issue was with Netlify caching. To get this resolve, I had to delete the website and create one from scratch. I opted for this option after I noticed that the website was rendering correctly on a new test site.

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