Quarto website index not publishing correctly, but rendering fine in RStudio

I have a Quarto website published here: STAT 313 / 513 - STAT 313: Applied Experimental Design and Regression Models
Repo here: GitHub - atheobold/stat-313-website: Landing page for STAT 313 materials

Until Friday everything was fine and dandy with the website, but now the index file is not rendering correctly on the website. However, the index file renders just fine in RStudio.

My first guess is that the scsss file could not be found, but I never moved this file! The files I changed on Friday had nothing to do with the scss file and these files seen to have no build errors, so I'm not sure what may be the culprit.

Thanks for any suggestions!

I cloned and rendered the repo, so I'm starting with a clean slate. I found that the index page renders the same in the RStudio viewer pane and in the Brave, Safari and Vivaldi browsers. Nothing else is found, though, besides that page—everything else is 404. But, aside from the formatting of the pages, everything seems to be included in the deployment site you linked. It looks like most of the stuff in _freeze is missing from _site.

Have you considered going self-contained?

Looking at your repo, you are missing a site_libs in the deployment on Github gh-pages so no resource is found when hosted.

This happened in this deployed commit GitHub - atheobold/stat-313-website at 116a7f1654b9c2fa62e2db1d59f55628390312e2 when the parent deployed commit has a site_libs folder GitHub - atheobold/stat-313-website at e57ecb144dcc90a6fcc0f544d80605986a2b3025

I don't know why but files has been deleted - see here action log: week 7 content · atheobold/stat-313-website@a0bb5ef · GitHub

I don't see anything in the commit that would trigger this.

Do you have this folder correctly created when doing quarto render locally ?

Did you try a local quarto publish gh-pages to see if this is an issue on CI only ? This is what the action is using.

This is an odd issue :thinking:

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