Quarto website error when trying to republish after update


I have created a quarto website (<p>Data analyst <br> pour la recherche en sciences de la vie</p>) which I update frequently without any problem. However, when I tried to update it today using the 'quarto publish quarto-pub' command, I got this error message :

ERROR: Multiple previous publishes exist (specify one to republish with --id)

Error: Multiple previous publishes exist (specify one to republish with --id)
at resolveDeployment (file:///D:/Programmes/RStudio/resources/app/bin/quarto/bin/quarto.js:120939:23)
at async publishAction (file:///D:/Programmes/RStudio/resources/app/bin/quarto/bin/quarto.js:121406:9)
at async Command.fn (file:///D:/Programmes/RStudio/resources/app/bin/quarto/bin/quarto.js:121386:9)
at async Command.execute (file:///D:/Programmes/RStudio/resources/app/bin/quarto/bin/quarto.js:8437:13)
at async quarto (file:///D:/Programmes/RStudio/resources/app/bin/quarto/bin/quarto.js:127539:5)
at async file:///D:/Programmes/RStudio/resources/app/bin/quarto/bin/quarto.js:127557:9

I cannot recall doing any modifications different from usual (i.e. include more contents in my .qmd files) apart from modyfying the "slug" title on my quarto pub page. I understand there seems to be several quarto.js files that conflict located in D:/Programmes/RStudio/resources/app/bin/quarto/bin, but I can see only one (see picture).

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I actually managed to make it work and successfully update the website by following the advice given by the error message about the multiple ids ("specify one to republish with --id") so I included "quarto publish quarto-pub --id 12ffcb6d-e466-4c4c-8e84-50a43042a5be" and I found the id in the _publish.yml file. The reason I had multiple previous published was indeed because I had change the 'slug' title on my website page, thus I got two different ids in the _publish.yml and I just chose the right one (so the last one).

What I still don't understand, is the rest of the message saying I have in the 'D:/Programmes/RStudio/resources/app/bin/quarto/bin' folder several quarto.js files which i don't.

I would be greatful for any explanations, thanks:)

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